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Kurz-Befehle / Short-Commands

Kopiere alle Dateien eines bestimmten Typs (hier txt) in einen anderen OrdnerCopy all files (txt for example) in another directory

Windows 10 Key without Software

Today I’ll show you how to discover the Windows 10 Product Key without additional Software. First open a Commandline-Terminal (CMD) with the Rights of an Administrator. To do this, simple type on the Windows-Key, then type „cmd“ (without „), now… Weiterlesen →

TrueNAS – How to make a jellyfin-jail

Hi and welcome to another little Tut for TrueNAS Core. Today we make a jail out of the box and install jellyfin into it. First login to the TrueNAS Web-Interface. Then click „Jails“ in the left menu. Now click „ADD“… Weiterlesen →

Retroarch – clean up the Cheat-Database

Hi, today we wont to clean up the cheat database in Retroarch. The search of an cheat on the GPi Case for example is very tricky. Thats buggin me 😉 Ok, me script will make some sub-directories and then sort… Weiterlesen →

MANJARO Linux – How to add AUR-Repository

Two Hints today 😉 Ok, to add/activate the AUR-Repository in the Manjaro-Linux Software-Center, go to Settings like in the Screenshot: Then click on Settings („Einstellungen“ in german 😉 ) It will open the following window: Then activate the AUR-Repository. Thats… Weiterlesen →

GNOME – Short-Tip today

If you want to change the GNOME-Timeout-Settings before blanking the screen, you have to enter this command: (The Number is in seconds, in this case 1 hour) Then go to GNOME-Settings an change the timeout to (in my case): 1… Weiterlesen →

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