Hi, today we wont to clean up the cheat database in Retroarch. The search of an cheat on the GPi Case for example is very tricky. Thats buggin me 😉

Ok, me script will make some sub-directories and then sort the cheats, followed by the first letter, to the directory. Example: The cheat for the SNES-game „F-Zero“ will be moved to the „F“-Directory. Ok? 🙂

Lets do some magic ..

cd /path/to/your/cheat-database/system
for i in {A..Z}; do mkdir $i; done
for i in {A..Z}; do mv $i*.* $i/.; done

Save this little script as .. maybe .. clean-up.sh in your home-directory. Dont forget to change the Directory-Path in the script! Now we have to make it executable with this:

chmod +x clean-up.sh

.. and execute it with:


Have fun with it and happy faster searching and more gaming .. 😉